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Potter Quotes

funny comments on all things Harry Potter

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Spit your drink all over the screen at reading a funny, snarky comment at deleterius or pottersues? Laughing out loud at the latest parody of a Harry Potter book or movie in someone's journal? Amused by a rant, rave, weird analysis or funny observation about something Harry Potter-related?

Here's the place to post it!

Non-humorous quotes that are interesting, insightful or unique are more than welcome here, too.

So, tell us who said it, where you found it ... and have fun. :)

The rules:
  • Quotes must be related in some way to Harry Potter. This means anything about the books, movies or the Harry Potter fandom. It can also mean anything about the actors or directors of the films. As long as there's at least some connection, that's all you need.

  • Don't quote from locked entries. (The "duh" exception is if you have permission.)

  • Use the LJ-cut tag for any spoilers or offensive stuff.

  • Try to avoid quoting from fanfiction. There are a couple reasons for this. First of all, lines from fanfic aren't really about Harry Potter or the HP fandom. Second of all, there are already many communities for reporting on fanfics. (Check out babb_chronicles for hilarious lines from badly written fanfics.) Mostly just use your judgment. Obviously it's perfectly OK to quote a line from fanfic as a lead in to a quote about it. It's also OK to quote from parodies and that extends to parody fanfics. And if a fanfic quote is truly unique or funny, go ahead and quote it. Just stay away from quoting author stupidity.

  • Occasional off-topic posts (including plugs) are fine as long as it doesn't get out of control.

  • The rules could be altered or added to at any time. But we'll try to keep this place as laid-back as possible. I'm not going to delete posts or jump down anybody's throats. (Unless you're obnoxious about it.)

    A few journals of interest:
  • deleterius
  • babb_chronicles
  • pottersues
  • daily_snitch